Table Games

Blackjack Burnout

Blackjack Burnout is an innovative way to play blackjack. The Burnout option gives the player a second chance at winning.

                    HOW TO PLAY

To begin, the player has the option to pay a 20% fee. This fee gives the player the opportunity to burn any hit card.

Once the player's and dealer's cards are dealt, the player can hit and burn any hit card if the player chooses. Once the player burns a card the player must take the next card out. If the player doesn't burn a card, they forfeit the 20% fee.

Standard procedures for blackjack apply.

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Poker Burnout

Poker Burnout is a new innovative way to play poker. BLIND bet gets the player 3 cards, ANTE bet allows the player to see the flop. CALL bet allows the player to see the Turn and River cards, Player must burn one card before the Turn and River cards are revealed. Blind pays odds on a 3 of a Kind or better, Ante and Call bets pay even money on a qualifying hand. Payouts are determined on best 5 of 7 cards.

ANTE bet can be 1x, 2x or 3x the BLIND bet. CALL bet must match the ANTE bet.

(K) KICKER pays 10 to 1 on a Straight, Flush,3 of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush on Player's 3 hold cards.


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Monarchy Baccarat

Monarchy Baccarat is a fast and innovative way to play Baccarat with a top payout of 400 to 1.

The players place their wagers on any combination in all 3 lines "TIER 1, TIER 2 and TIER 3". Players may not bet PLAYER and BANKER in the same line. They do not have to wager on all 3 lines (minimum of 1 line).

After the dealer calls off all wagering, the dealer will deal out a standard hand of Baccarat following established Baccarat rules. Winners and losers will be handled on wagers in TIER I row.

The dealer will then add 1 card each to the PLAYER and BANKER hand and add those to the original hand. The total from the original hand as an example for the PLAYER was a 4. The TIER II card is a 5. The PLAYER now has a hand value of 9. If the BANKER had a value of 9 in their original hand and the TIER II card is a 2, the BANKER hand now has a value of 1 so the PLAYER wins 9 over 1.

After settling all wagers on the TIER II line, the dealer burns the TIER II cards and deals 2 new cards to the TIER III hand and settles all the wagers as above.

The dealer pays as they go and all the payouts stay on the layout until all wagers are resolved. This allows the dealer to determine if there is a Trifecta winner.

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